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Lifestyle Newborn Shoots

My Lifestyle Newborn Shoots take place in the comfort of your own home. I like to keep everything as relaxed and comfortable as possible for you and your baby, where we can slow things down by taking moments for you to feed, cuddle, change a nappy or settle your little one.

I mainly use natural light, where we will move through your home using the best little pockets and backdrops where the most natural light falls inside through windows. I focus mainly on you and your baby, as well as on capturing your little ones tiny hands, feet and precious little face, so that you can always remember how little they were. Your partner and any other siblings or fur-babies (pets) of course need to be a part of your babies shoot too. :)

Upon booking your newborn shoot, I will send you a simple guide in preparation for your shoot, as well as a style guide to help you with wardrobe for you and your baby.

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