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Maternity Shoots

The start of your beautiful journey into Motherhood begins with being pregnant.
It's an incredibly special time to capture, when your belly is full and round, you can feel the movement of your baby, the little squirms and kicks... and you know your little ones arrival is imminent.

Any time from around 32 weeks is a lovely time to have your shoot taken. Your shoot can take place at your home or at a chosen location - weather permitting. I prefer to offer my maternity shoots in conjunction with booking a newborn shoot. as my maternity shoots are very natural and non studio-based, the package is smaller as I believe you will want just a handful of images from your maternity shoot, and then a whole lot more of your baby with you and your family - taken at their newborn shoot at a later stage. :)

Upon booking your maternity shoot, I will send you a guide in preparation for your shoot, as well as a basic style and wardrobe guide to help you look and feel as glowing and gorgeous as you are!

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